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What is Quantum Pulse 360?

The Quantum Pulse 360 is an advanced system that gives traders the opportunities to choose their own trading requirements and limits when placing buy or sell positions on cryptocurrencies. The platform provides access to user-friendly features and tools to try and help users make better trading decisions that might strengthen their portfolio.

And if you’re just a beginner starting out your crypto investment journey, Quantum Pulse 360 allows users to test the waters of crypto trading. It’s an excellent way to learn about the different aspects of crypto trading.

Once you get a hang of how things work on the platform, you can begin live trading! This involves choosing from a range of cryptocurrencies to trade on. From major tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller niche coins, there’s something for every trader. To top it off, the platform is highly secure, so you don’t have to worry about your data being exposed to privacy risks.

And considering how extensive information about the latest happenings in crypto, Quantum Pulse 360 might be a suitable system for both seasoned professionals as well as beginners.

The Benefit of Reading Crypto Charts

Crypto charts are essential for both novice and experienced crypto traders looking to try and make informed decisions when trading on crypto. Although they may appear confusing at first, crypto charts are easy to get the hang of.

They are quite similar to other types of technical charts that assist traders in picking an investment. These charts act as a graphical representation of the prices of different tokens along with their volumes and time intervals. But to get the most information out of a chart, it’s important to read one like a pro.

In most charts, you’ll see a few important components:

The Trading Pair

Im Vergleich mit dem konventionellen Fiat-Währungen werden von einer zentralen Stelle geschaffen und kontrolliert, nämlich dem Staat, wird Bitcoin von den Nutzern selbst erschaffen. Somit unterliegt der Bitcoin nicht der Kontrolle einer Regierung und weist ein sehr geringes Inflationsrisiko auf.

Time Increments

Seit Jahr 2009, wo Bitcoin offiziell zur ersten Kryptowährung wurde, wuchs sein Wert von 1 US-Dollar auf ca 59,823 US-Dollar heute an, wobei Prognosen vorhersagen dass der Wert in der Zukunft weiterhin ansteigen wird. Abgesehen davon erwirbt Bitcoin immer Anerkennung in der Gesellschaft, da immer mehr Online Zahlungen mit Bitcoin möglich werden und mehr Staaten Bitcoin als legales Zahlungsmittel erlauben.

Current Prices of the Tokens

Wenn man Bitcoins online überträgt, dann passiert dies nicht über einem zentralen digitalen Server. Alle Computer, die jemals eine Bitcoin Transaktion durchgeführt haben, sind miteinander vernetzt und bestätigen jede neue Transaktion, um festzulegen, dass die Bitcoins übertragen wurden. Somit wird die Datenmanipulation schwer gemacht, da jede Transaktion nachvollziehbar ist.

Rise and Fall of Prices

Bitcoin kann weltweit sehr kostengünstig verschickt werden, was bei einer Bank nicht der Fall ist, da international hohe Transaktionskosten verrechnet werden können. Zusätzlich ist Bitcoin weltweit gleich und somit ist der Wechselkurs ein Schnee von gestern.

High/Low Figures

Bitcoin kann weltweit sehr kostengünstig verschickt werden, was bei einer Bank nicht der Fall ist, da international hohe Transaktionskosten verrechnet werden können. Zusätzlich ist Bitcoin weltweit gleich und somit ist der Wechselkurs ein Schnee von gestern.

Trading Volume Chart

Bitcoin kann weltweit sehr kostengünstig verschickt werden, was bei einer Bank nicht der Fall ist, da international hohe Transaktionskosten verrechnet werden können. Zusätzlich ist Bitcoin weltweit gleich und somit ist der Wechselkurs ein Schnee von gestern.

Trading Volume Over the Last 24 Hours

Bitcoin kann weltweit sehr kostengünstig verschickt werden, was bei einer Bank nicht der Fall ist, da international hohe Transaktionskosten verrechnet werden können. Zusätzlich ist Bitcoin weltweit gleich und somit ist der Wechselkurs ein Schnee von gestern.

Crypto Trading Charts: Parts of a Candlestick

Each candlestick on a crypto chart will show price activity within a specific unit of time. This can be half an hour, an hour, or a week. There are two parts of a candlestick: the thicker body and the thinner wick. The body shows the token’s opening and closing prices, while the wick indicates its highest and lowest price points.

In most crypto charts, a green candle is a sign of a price increase, also known as a bullish move. Meanwhile, a red candle means a price decrease, also known as a bearish move. Some of the most common candlestick patterns include the shooting star, inverted hammer, and head and shoulders. The shooting star is a bearish pattern that occurs at the end of an uptrend, so it’s when some investors decide to sell. The inverted hammer is the opposite, as it indicates the end of a downtrend. It’s a bullish pattern and is when investors may decide to buy. A head and shoulders could be bullish or bearish. A bearish variant means that a downtrend may follow, while a bullish pattern means that an uptrend may follow.

How To Read Crypto Trading Signals

Crypto trading signals are a great way to help traders declutter their mind. Otherwise, they may experience analysis paralysis, which is a fear of making a mistake or missing out on a superior option, which results in them failing to do anything in time. And it’s not just experienced traders who may benefit from crypto trading signals.

In fact, these signals give beginners an opportunity to try and improve their trades from the get-go, without spending time with trial and error. While crypto trading signals come in various forms, all of them have a few basic features.

The first is the Buy/Sell signal, which gives the trader an indication for a buy / sell position on a certain token. These may be based on a current market price for an asset, or have a pending order. Current market price instructions indicate traders place a buy or sell trade at the dominating market price. Meanwhile, pending order instructions suggest buy / sell positions at a price that they may hit in the future.

Next is the Stop-Loss/Take-Profit trading signal. It’s meant to automatically close a trader’s position when a cryptocurrency reaches a certain price. In some cases, signals are adjusted to try and reduce risk when the trade breaks down. For instance, you may get an instruction to change it from Stop-Loss to Breakeven if the price of the asset moves in your favor.

Things to Watch Out for When Trading Crypto

Even when you know about the basics of investing in crypto, it’s not enough to simply do your research on a token and make a decision to invest. It’s important that you’re smart about how you operate in the crypto market. Here’s what you can look out for:

Beware of Crypto Scams

If you’re active on social media platforms like Twitter and use them to keep up with happenings of the crypto market, you may see a lot of crypto scams. These usually exist in the form of newly established tokens that have a lot of hype. Specifically, these obscure cryptocurrency projects promise investors huge returns. On the other hand, some crypto scams will make false claims that the price of cryptocurrencies are set to increase. Because of these bad actors, willing investors ended up losing thousands of dollars. Altogether, crypto traders have lost billions of dollars because of Ponzi schemes.

Beware of Crypto Scams

Don’t Give in to FOMO

Usually, scammers get traders to buy into a new cryptocurrency by creating a sense of urgency. When there’s so much hype around a token, it’s only natural that investors will experience FOMO, a fear of missing out. After all, no one wants to miss out on a lucrative investment opportunity that might turn their life around.

Moreover, it’s crucial to look at bull markets in an objective way. In a crypto bull market, top-ranking cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may see a rapid increase in price. If that happens, it’s crucial that you don’t act on impulse. Placing buy positions on cryptocurrencies at high prices in a bull market can be risky. If you expect prices to rise further, things can quickly go south if the price corrects itself and goes back to its previous support level.

Don’t Give in to FOMO

See If It’s Too Good to be True

If the claims say that you’ll get high returns with a minor investment, it may sound fantastic to you. However, keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So instead of buying into the hype and making decisions based on FOMO, check out impartial reviews and independent news platforms to help you to try and make an informed decision.

See If It’s Too Good to be True

Don’t Buy into ICOs Blindly

Over the last couple of years, initial coin offerings gained a lot of popularity, especially around 2017. These are when a firm creates a new cryptocurrency to sell it, and although the market for this kind of asset has cooled, there are still a few opportunities in the market. Because ICOs involve a newly created cryptocurrency, they can be quite risky.

So if you plan on investing in ICOs, it’s important that you do some research on the company providing them. This can include visiting the website, reading the whitepaper, and learning about the team behind it to see if they’ve helped launch other successful cryptocurrency projects. It’s important that the company has an actual need for blockchain technology. Otherwise, they’re just another firm jumping onto the bandwagon.

Don’t Buy into ICOs Blindly

Keep Your Private Keys Safe

Lastly, it’s essential that you keep your private keys secure and protected. One of the safest ways to store your private key is in the form of a hardware wallet. This means your crypto assets are on a safe device and far away from the internet, where there’s a risk of cybercriminals stealing your private key.

As these wallets are cryptographic hardware storage devices, they come in different sizes like a USB, smart card, or hardware storage modules. Moreover, they’re a great way to keep your private keys secure in the event of a cyberattack.

Keep Your Private Keys Safe

Timing is Everything in Crypto

One advantage in this case is that crypto markets are open throughout the day, all year round, so the market doesn’t close. But the downside is that cryptocurrencies experience a fair amount of volatility, so altcoins tend to fluctuate quite rapidly and without any warning. Hence, some traders are vigilant and try to buy a cryptocurrency when the price falls.

Timing is Everything in Crypto

Quantum YPulse - FAQs

What Happens if I Lose my Bitcoin?

If you lose your Bitcoin because, for example, you misplaced the password for your crypto wallet, you will never be able to get it back. As Bitcoin is a circulating cryptocurrency, there’s a limited number of tokens currently in the market. So while the Federal Reserve can simply print more money, the supply of Bitcoin is fixed. So if you make mistakes when storing or sending your Bitcoin, it’s likely that you will lose it forever.

What Are Public and Private Keys?

Bitcoin as well as various other cryptocurrencies operate on the basis of public-key cryptography. Based on the cryptographic system, there are two kinds of keys, like private and public keys, which operate in pairs to allow crypto transactions. A user’s public key helps with identification so it should be visible. The private keys are used for encryption and authentication, which makes them confidential.

How Can I Trade On Cryptocurrencies?

Nowadays, it’s quite simple to trade on cryptocurrencies. You can do do so on Quantum Pulse 360 by creating an account, verifying that it’s you, depositing cash, and using it to trade on the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Where Does Cryptocurrency Come From?

Cryptocurrency is created through crypto mining, which involves downloading software containing a history of all transactions that have taken place on its blockchain. Moreover, miners need access to highly advanced hardware to solve complicated equations that verify transactions.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

Cryptocurrency comes with some unique risks like a lack of regulation and volatility, but the transaction itself is highly secure. Every token has its own private key, and only the owner of the token or a custodian appointed by them can hold it. Although the key number and the token can be hacked, it would require many, many attempts for a hacker to do so since the encryption methods are so tough.

What is a Crypto Wallet?

Your crypto wallet holds passwords that help you access your cryptocurrencies. They keep the passwords secure and accessible so you can send cryptocurrencies and receive them as well. These wallets come in the form of hardware, such as a Ledger, or even applications, which are similar to online banking.

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